Traditional_Panawal (Full Flat Tang Riveted Handle)

“Pana-wal” in typical kukri term means; “Pana” means “tang” and “wal” means “type”.  It means full flat tang riveted handle designed for heavy usage. The tang follows the exact shape of the handle and handle scales (mostly 2pcs) are riveted to the tang. The tang can thus be clearly seen from outside. This category holds the traditional kukris having the famous and powerful “Panawal” version. Most blades are heavy type that blends perfectly to the Panawal handle and hence makes a great combination of a power house knife (heavy-duty).

18" Panawal (NO MERCY)

Blade Size (in): 18

Weight (gm): 1550

USD 139.99

Panawal Power UNP (Farmer's)

Blade Size (in): 10

Weight (gm): 700

USD 72.99

Panawal Dotted (Supreme)

Blade Size (in): 10

Weight (gm): 675

USD 69.99

Mini Panawal (Perfect)

Blade Size (in): 8

Weight (gm): 550

USD 59.99

Jungle Panawal (Better)

Blade Size (in): 10

Weight (gm): 615

USD 64.99

12" Survival KUKRI (Alive)

Blade Size (in): 12

Weight (gm): 800

USD 94.99

12inch SiruPana (SASSY)

Blade Size (in): 12

Weight (gm): 610

USD 79.99

Mini 3 Chirra Champ

Blade Size (in): 9

Weight (gm): 625

USD 79.99

3 Chirra (The BEAST)

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Blade Size (in): 12

Weight (gm): 925

USD 99.99