KHHI Bowies

Innovative modern bowie knives with modified blade and handle giving a perfect look, nice versatility, and great feel; extra look with much strength, durability, and comfort. Some of the KHHI's versions of bowie have a modernized shape of the famous Khukuri. These utility bowie are for ultimate blows. Our Bowie size range from 9-14 inch blade.

The Redemption Bowie

Blade Size (in): 8.5

Weight (gm): 560

(2 Review)

USD 129.00

Wildcat Bowie (Seax Hybrid)

Blade Size (in): 7

Weight (gm): 345

(2 Review)

USD 73.00

Mini Scourge (Apocalypse)

Blade Size (in): 9

Weight (gm): 475

(2 Review)

USD 99.99

KHHI Bowie (with PWR HMR)

Blade Size (in): 11

Weight (gm): 800

(21 Review)

USD 129.99

JB Electric Bowie

Blade Size (in): 9

Weight (gm): 625

(5 Review)

USD 149.99

I am ELI (Missionary)

Blade Size (in): 12.5

Weight (gm): 825

(3 Review)

USD 99.00

Chukuri PRO @ KYDEX

Blade Size (in): 10

Weight (gm): 600

USD 125.00

Chukuri (Hybrid Special)

Blade Size (in): 9

Weight (gm): 550

USD 80.00


Blade Size (in): 9

Weight (gm): 600

(4 Review)

USD 76.99