This section include Testimonials, Feedback and Reviews of Khukuri House, KHHI .Genuine Review of Khukuri / kukri knife by knife experts and ex-Gurkhas. KHHI custom kukri review by kukri experts, khukri collectors and Gurkhas Army on our kukri knives. Please dont forget to send us your sweet and sour words, which will always be a motivation for us. Do email us back. We will make them count.


Chad Muchow, USA

The Muchow WharncliffeHello, this is Chad Muchow. I cant find a way to leave a review, so I tried on your site.
I just recieved order QL8021, which I call "The Muchow SPE Wharncliffe", yesterday and it's absolutely perfect. Just like my previous 3 custom orders, including D1609 and D1628. I am so grateful for your Amazing craftmanship and Customer Service. I continue to promote your business to all my friends in the blade training world. Hoping to steer some friends to you. 
I see those two previouse customs of mine on your Custom Catalog, and feel so honored you've included them. I feel a bit odd asking, but it would mean alot to me if you would include the names for them with the photos. D1609 I call "The Chamuchri" (Chaw-Muk-Ree). And order D1628 I call " The Muchow Wharncliffe". Thank you again for everything. I plan on placing another order hopefully soon. Have a wonderful day and stay safe.

The Chamuchri

Adrian Rosser United Kingdom

Hi all, I recently contacted Saroj (MD) enquiring about the possibility of having my fathers 70 year old Kukri refurbished, as it had sadly seen better days. The service and communication I received was without doubt, the best I have ever experienced. The Kukri was posted off to Kathmandu and within a few weeks was returned to me in absolute pristine condition having been restored, polished and sharpened complete with new leather sheath and accompanying knives. This company are without any hesitation true craftsmen and gentlemen. Thank you Saroj and team. Namaste!!

Dear Saroj, As promised here is a picture of my father receiving his Kukri back. To say he was pleased and in tears is an understatement. Thanks again.


ex british army with refurbished 70 year old kukrikukri restoration

kukri-restoration-project-70-year-old70 year old Kukri refurbished


Ray Chilensky

Blessed Warrior Video

Hello. I just uploaded a video about my knife and thought I'd send you a link. Thanks again. I'll be ordering another knife in December or January.

LINK: https://youtu.be/UAZ6n2ozk44

Sachkartar Bhogal

Dear KHHI Nepal,

Firstly, I would like to thank you for the order. I am very happy with the quality of the knives and would certainly order for yourselves again. Thank you very much, I really appreciate the workmanship and attention to detail you have with regards to making daggers.

Kindest regards,

Sachkartar Singh


  • 1 x custom 12” Dagger
  • 1 x custom 4” Mini Dagger

Brett, Sumner CA, USA

D1482 >>
Dear Saroj, 

I received the Hmong knife Thursday.  I want you to know I am very pleased!  It is just what I wanted.   Thank you for collaborating on this project and for shipping so quickly!  The knife came to my door 2 days after leaving Kathmandu!   Thank you, again. 

Brett, Sumner

Tony Norway

Custom knife designed for Tony, Norway, 1490custom design id 1490Hello again.
I got the knifes, very nice! Thank you.

I was thinking on ordering a new custom knife or two later in the summer. So i will keep in touch.

Best regards

Tony, Norway
Design ID 1490 

HT James

khukuri designed for ht james, uk

Dear Mr Saroj and all members of staff,
My Khukri arrived by courier this morning and I am very pleased with it. It is almost exactly as I had visualised it. Thank you for creating a wonderful weapon for me. Please pass on my thanks to the skilled Kami who made it.

There may well be another order in the near future.


HT James, UK
D 1488

​John Schedel USA

Dear Saroj,

My Limbuwan Tribesman khukuri arrived, today. I am not surprised that I am very impressed. It was very good of you to make me a second "copy" of what otherwise would have been a "one-off". I very much appreciate your consideration. Thank you!

This khukuri is everything that you said that it was going to be. It obviously is a big knife but its handling characteristics are excellent. I can begin to see how this design has stood the test of time. This is my first khukuri that was made by Tilak Bahadur Biswakama. Based on the workmanship that he put into this piece, I sincerely hope that it will not be the last.

It was also very good of him to get this piece out with a wedding looming ahead of him. Fathers of daughters can have a tough time under such circumstances.

Thank you, again, for excellent service
John Schedel, USA

Mike King, UK Sunderland , UK

I would just like to write a testimonial in support of the excellent service and the quality of the products I received recently from KHHI. It is quite rare these days to receive personal service to the standard you get when dealing with KHHI, but Mr Saroj Lama himself kept in contact with me on a regular basis and was very helpful and obliging every step of the way from the customizing of my khukuris right through to the delivery stage. The quality of these khukuris is practically faultless, and I send my sincere thanks to the hard working Kamis who made it possible. I will also mention the Administration staff who work away in the background to make the whole transaction run smoothly. My recommendation is, if you are! Looking for a genuine and original Nepalese Khukuri that is a hand built quality product, combined with a quick and efficient service, then look no further than Khukuri House Handicraft Industry. 

Well done. 
Mike King
City: sunderland
Country: UK


Mike Romaire

Subject: Kamis of KHHI

Thank you, KHHI, for giving me the ability to express to your excellent Kamis how pleased I am with the Khukuris I purchased and how impressed I am with the amazing workmanship I have seen in the creation of such fine quality blades. The fit and finish, as well as the genuine skill they have displayed with their labor is beyond compare. They have taken simple materials and turned them into magnificently purposeful masterpieces using only their experience and passion in their trade. 

  1.  “All Rounder”: This Blade is a BEAST. It has become my #1 field tool. Tho lighter, it is more capable than any hand axe I have ever used. With this Khukuri, there is nothing I can’t accomplish. Period. One side of me wishes to put it up as a show piece, but the more adventurous side of me says it will be my constant companion for all my future adventures. With this blade at my side, no task would be too difficult. 
  2. Alive”: Form, Fit, Function… WOW !!! When I grip this blade , I can only think of the confidence the Gurkhas must feel when they go into a situation with this tool at their side. It feels like an extension of the body. The balance and the natural pointing ability is beyond compare. You have created a blade that is second to none !!!
  3. Chitlange”: Sadly to say, I feel I will never use this blade to its full potential. Though it’s size, it feels like a feather in my hand. Thought becomes action. It feels as part of my mind. To use this masterpiece for mere chores would be an a crime. To abuse such an amazing piece of mastery would be the same as smashing a stained glass window or defacing the Mona Lisa!!! Sir… You are a true Master at your craft.
  4. V series”: This blade I have used, abused, hacked thru brush. Slashed thru trees. Beaten thru logs. Everything I have put before it seems like twigs. I have tried to stress this blade to it’s limits and it seems to just laugh and asks for more. The more I abuse it the sharper and stronger it seems to be. I love this blade. 
  5. Sirupate”: I gave this blade to my brother as a gift. All he could say was “ This is awesome”. He admired the lines of the blade. The wonderful workmanship that had been put into the piece. Over and Over his only words were “ This is awesome” . The satisfaction that I feel from being able to share such an Amazing work of art and skill such as You created is beyond words. You are truly a master!!!  

Mike Romaire
United States of America