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This section include Testimonials, Feedback and Reviews of Khukuri House, KHHI .Genuine Review of Khukuri / kukri knife by knife experts and ex-Gurkhas. KHHI custom kukri review by kukri experts, khukri collectors and Gurkhas Army on our kukri knives. Please dont forget to send us your sweet and sour words, which will always be a motivation for us. Do email us back. We will make them count.


Willard Adag

I am so happy and very satisfied with the finish product.Thank you for the sales team for the amazing customer service, the back and forth emails you really treat your customers highly. To the bladesmiths thank you  for making my blade designs into reality I admire your hardwork and talents. Rest assured that I will keep supporting your company. The blade industry is booming, a lot of enthusiasts and blade owner groups on different social media flatform. Keep up the good work,  keep making beautiful blades 
thank you again and NAMASTE.


Dear Sir,

I love the knife. The finished knife looks really high end with the strength and quality to match it. Keep on making excellent products, I am sure that we will do more business in the future.

Best regards,


Ken McWatters Philippines

Thanks for your good wishes in 2023.

I have good news and bad news about the new 3-fullered large knife with Micarta handle scales and green Kydex sheath that you made for me last year. The good news is that the package arrived safely in the Philippines - and the knife itself is marvellous. No complaints there.

The bad news is directed solely at whoever put the Kydex sheath together - or attempted to…
There were numerous faults with it, most of which I have used my Aircraft Engineer’s skills and tools to correct. The list is as follows:

A: The sheath was assembled with countersunk screws, though these screws were inserted from the “wrong” side and the Kydex material was not countersink drilled to allow the screw heads to be flush with the Kydex surface. This has been rectified by reversing the screws and drilling countersink recesses where necessary.

B: The screws were generally too short - this has been rectified by replacement where necessary.

C: Because of B: (above), there was insufficient screw length to fit plain and spring washers under each nut, as is essential for secure fastening. This has been rectified by screw replacement, as at B: above.

D: The design of the belt loop and its attachment to the sheath is utterly inadequate and poorly thought out for such a heavy knife. The whole weight of knife and sheath is supported by two, short screws (see A: above), on ONE EDGE of the sheath. Such uneven weight distribution is stupid and shows absolute disregard for even simple stress calculations. Though I have not yet rectified this fault, I cannot safely carry such a heavy combination on my belt with any feeling of security. I will, therefore, find a suitable section of strong plastic strip - or some other material. This will be firmly bolted - with the correct screw lengths for the material thickness - TO BOTH EDGES OF THE SHEATH. The actual belt loop and dangler will first be bolted (four screws, nuts and washers) to the CENTRE of the new material, thus distributing the load to EACH SIDE of the sheath. 

This is the ONLY sensible method of attaching any form of belt suspension fittings - as anyone in your entire staff with even the slightest degree of engineering knowledge will agree.

In summary: The knife is very good indeed.
The sheath was utterly useless - But has had most of its faults rectified.

To compensate me for all my (unnecessary) Labour and expenses in carrying out this repair, you may have an appropriate sheet of Kydex - wide enough to support the original belt loop bolt holes in the centre (x4) - and long enough to be heated slightly (to form it) - then pick up at least Two adjacent bolt holes on EACH EDGE of the sheath. This section can then be shipped in a small, padded envelope, via DHL , FEDEX, TNT or UPS (Overnight/Express, Door-to-Door delivery) at YOUR expense and with the greatest rapidity that your postal department can manage…

You have my original address in the Philippines on file, though we have moved into our new home, address as below.

Thank you and I was very impressed with your service and the high quality of the Khukuri you sent me. Happy New year and I will be telling my friends and family how good you are.

Kind Regards 
Ken McWatters

Kevin Shortt Dublin, Ireland

Hi there,
I recieved my order ( QL8521)
I am really happy with it
Looks rock solid, lines are beautiful. 

Very very minor disappointment as I asked for the saw teeth on the spine to be split so there would be two rows on the spine and one row on the clip point.  i showed this in the drawing. 
But the spine was ground down to one row.  its a minor issue as everything else is perfect. 
I assume it was prob due to copyright or something, its fine but I wasn't told that it couldn't be done so there was a little bit of a disappointment as I assumed it had them.

It however doesn't take away from the knife I recieved everything else was identical to what I asked for and wanted.
Absolutely stunning knife that I will treasure for years to come and I intend to pass it on to my son in the future. 
Absolutely amazing work again.
I will definitely be back for more soon 
Thanks to all at khhi

Robbie Bell

I've purchased 12 khukuries from KHHI-and to save a little time. All of them are 10-10, powerful blades and wonderful blades, I started to collect to give me ideas too design my own Khukuri but each one had its own job. when I order one e mail then as soon as I gave my order an give them the changes I want changed and if they can do what thought ask they will do it if they can just small the staff are fantastic, patient and will do everything in their power to make it as you want it.

My Khukrie opinion are based on my blades only... 

The Peace Keeper - Black, 12" of solid power, The Bodyguard, looks beefy and heavy but you couldn't be more wrong, it's amazingly light in the hand but solid, you can give this a good kicking for it's size,

the UNP Set with the 5" blade, again not what I expected, this blade look good for putting it on show with the mini, when I cleaned the oil up, the UNP is a traditional shape 8" this one is a  wolf in sheep's clothing, it is very comfortable and is heavier than the Body guard blade. In hand you feel the weight and is very comfortable,very nice pattern on the blade as well, I really like this blade and recommend it.

The 2012 set, Parade and Work also the new 2020 Parade, and all Highly polished, the Affgan Black Op, I had the handle changed as I don't like the finger, I find round handles you have more control but that's my handle.

I hope this will be of help. The KHHI staff will help with anything you want if they have not reached that part of the blade being made, I have had many conversations about more than khukuri's as I gave ptsd and brain damage, even though I love all 12 khukri's that I have I wish I had one especially made for me a one of a kind blade, but every time I get one it just adds on. Well, that's all and happy shopping in The World's Best Khukrie makers...

Namaste Friends

Alexandre Dubois

I will also take this as an opportunity to say something about your Khukuris, as some sort of feedback.
Good job on the level of quality they reach! I've owned multiple of them for years now, and i must say i never got disapointed in any of them, the scabbard always was really well fitted to the blade, the blade itself never failed me in any way, the handle always was really comfortable, the tang always seemed thought and well fitted as well, and they were always as beautifull as they were functionnal, ...
I've never had anything bad to say about the kukhuris i got from you, only good things... They all really became part of my favourite pieces and i'm looking forward to see more from you.
I've never had the opportunity to say that since my first order, and decided it was better late than never. Thanks for this, and keep up really, you're doing a great job!

(As posted on facebook)

Chad Muchow, USA

The Muchow WharncliffeHello, this is Chad Muchow. I cant find a way to leave a review, so I tried on your site.
I just recieved order QL8021, which I call "The Muchow SPE Wharncliffe", yesterday and it's absolutely perfect. Just like my previous 3 custom orders, including D1609 and D1628. I am so grateful for your Amazing craftmanship and Customer Service. I continue to promote your business to all my friends in the blade training world. Hoping to steer some friends to you. 
I see those two previouse customs of mine on your Custom Catalog, and feel so honored you've included them. I feel a bit odd asking, but it would mean alot to me if you would include the names for them with the photos. D1609 I call "The Chamuchri" (Chaw-Muk-Ree). And order D1628 I call " The Muchow Wharncliffe". Thank you again for everything. I plan on placing another order hopefully soon. Have a wonderful day and stay safe.

The Chamuchri

Cowboy C Bop USA

RAMBO LAST BLOOD HeartStopper Custom Knife

Custom made by my friends at the Khukuri House Nepal .
My very own HeartStopper ( based on the HeartStopper from Rambo V Last Blood )
**** Forgot to mention in video ;
Overall measurements- 14 1/2” long .
9” blade . 1/4” Thick . Full Tang . Nepal Micarta . Don’t know about pins ???? Flat Grind .
Steel is 52100

Adrian Rosser United Kingdom

Hi all, I recently contacted Saroj (MD) enquiring about the possibility of having my fathers 70 year old Kukri refurbished, as it had sadly seen better days. The service and communication I received was without doubt, the best I have ever experienced. The Kukri was posted off to Kathmandu and within a few weeks was returned to me in absolute pristine condition having been restored, polished and sharpened complete with new leather sheath and accompanying knives. This company are without any hesitation true craftsmen and gentlemen. Thank you Saroj and team. Namaste!!

Dear Saroj, As promised here is a picture of my father receiving his Kukri back. To say he was pleased and in tears is an understatement. Thanks again.


ex british army with refurbished 70 year old kukrikukri restoration

kukri-restoration-project-70-year-old70 year old Kukri refurbished


Ray Chilensky

Blessed Warrior Video

Hello. I just uploaded a video about my knife and thought I'd send you a link. Thanks again. I'll be ordering another knife in December or January.