This section include Testimonials, Feedback and Reviews of Khukuri House, KHHI .Genuine Review of Khukuri / kukri knife by knife experts and ex-Gurkhas. KHHI custom kukri review by kukri experts, khukri collectors and Gurkhas Army on our kukri knives. Please dont forget to send us your sweet and sour words, which will always be a motivation for us. Do email us back. We will make them count.


Theo Eichorn

Thank you for the opportunity to rave about my purchase! As a long time knife maker and enthusiast, I can tell you, I’ve seen my fair share of mediocre kukri. This would not be one of them. The hand work is evident. It has the live feeling of the artisans touch. It has the feeling of purpose. It is unpretentious. It is a very solid knife. I would recommend this knife to anybody who is interested in purchasing a beautiful traditional working kukri. 

The kind customer service seems sincere, and is truly appreciated. Thank you for my excellent kukri!



Nancy Kern Germany

Just thought I would let you know how satisfied am with kukri knife you made for me. It is exactly what I wanted and was made EXACTLY the way I wanted it, craftsmanship was very well done and I already have my eye on a couple more models you have...again thankyou !...Mike Kern

Benjamin Kern / Nancy Kern
Order id QL6958

Cowboy C Bop

RAMBO LAST BLOOD HeartStopper Custom Knife

Custom made by my friends at the Khukuri House Nepal . My very own HeartStopper ( based on the HeartStopper from Rambo V Last Blood )
Overall measurements
- 14 1/2” long . 9” blade . 1/4” Thick . Full Tang . Nepal Micarta . Don’t know about pins ???? Flat Grind . Steel is 52100 .

Chow Kay Toh Singapore

Dear friends,
I am so happy to receive the 2 knives today 3 Jan.. They are beautifully crafted by the 2 different craftsmen. May GOD bless them and their family. I will covet them dearly.
Happy new year 2020 and may you flourish in your business.

Chow KT

Adrian Rosser United Kingdom

Hi all, I recently contacted Saroj (MD) enquiring about the possibility of having my fathers 70 year old Kukri refurbished, as it had sadly seen better days. The service and communication I received was without doubt, the best I have ever experienced. The Kukri was posted off to Kathmandu and within a few weeks was returned to me in absolute pristine condition having been restored, polished and sharpened complete with new leather sheath and accompanying knives. This company are without any hesitation true craftsmen and gentlemen. Thank you Saroj and team. Namaste!!

Dear Saroj, As promised here is a picture of my father receiving his Kukri back. To say he was pleased and in tears is an understatement. Thanks again.


ex british army with refurbished 70 year old kukrikukri restoration

kukri-restoration-project-70-year-old70 year old Kukri refurbished


Ray Chilensky

Blessed Warrior Video

Hello. I just uploaded a video about my knife and thought I'd send you a link. Thanks again. I'll be ordering another knife in December or January.

LINK: https://youtu.be/UAZ6n2ozk44

‚ÄčThomas Kutina USA


I read your article on 'Kamismith in danger' and wanted to share my thoughts on your knives. I have owned your Panawal Special (McCoy) for over 10 years and it continues to be my most prized possession. I still remember the day that I took it out of the packaging and marveled at its handcrafted beauty and the savage utility of such a blade. In those 10 years it has been my companion on many hiking trips from Alberta, Canada to Utah.

I have hand sharpened it as a double bit with the blade near the handle razor sharp and an more shallow axe blade on the rest of the knife. With this, I can cut a log, split it by batoning method and make shavings for a fire with a single tool. I can say with confidence that with my Kuhkri, a box of matches and a small pot I can comfortably survive in the woods.

I remember a few years ago, I worked with a co-worker who was a die hard knife enthusiast and outdoorsman. I told him about my Khukri and he was intrigued but was not aware of the true magnificence of it. Finally I brought it in to show him and he was literally speechless in the presence of this knife. The rest of the day, every time he walked by my desk he would just look at me and shake his head.

I wanted to share my story of my knife in hopes that it may be shared or used to promote the craftsmen that build these amazing tools. I have since bought a smaller Jungle Mini and convinced a friend to buy another model and also bought one for my Father in Law to use while hunting.I was disappointed in reading this article that these men are treated with low regard in Nepal society. In the US, craftsmen of this level would be lauded by the outdoor community in the same way that the other local custom knife makers, boot crafters etc are.

When I ordered my Knife I had Khukuri House engrave my name in the blade and I take pride in the fact it will be my companion for as long as I live and even after my final days it will always be known that it was I who wielded such a blade. 

Thomas Kutina

Trevor E. Uglean

I Love It. I wanted this to be able to use when I work and camp and it has done an excellent job. I have hacked away at some Oak trees that grow native in Oklahoma and I have not even noticed a slight ding in the blade edge. I bet this could cut a railroad track!  

The only thing I wasn’t impressed with is the saw back on the spine I asked for not wasn’t what I was expecting but now that I see it I wish I had just not asked because it was not needed. 

I also spent some time on your website after I received my knife and I was disappointed that I did not educate myself on some of the features you do provide. Much like the cross hatching for a non-slip surface where your thumb rests and getting an upgraded frog so that I can wear it on my belt at different angles.

OrderiD: D1365

Sachkartar Bhogal

Dear KHHI Nepal,

Firstly, I would like to thank you for the order. I am very happy with the quality of the knives and would certainly order for yourselves again. Thank you very much, I really appreciate the workmanship and attention to detail you have with regards to making daggers.

Kindest regards,

Sachkartar Singh


  • 1 x custom 12” Dagger
  • 1 x custom 4” Mini Dagger

John Wooddell

I’ve been reading about kukris in general and watching video reviews. As you know, I own many of your products; and I want to say that each one is special.

There seem to be two classes of people buying kukris – those who are traditional and those who are not. I am not traditional; but I do spend a lot of time deciding on what type of blade will best suit my needs based on design and usability. The only blade I have ordered from you that may be somewhat outlandish is the heavy bowie; and I bought two of them. I will admit that many designs are not what I personally would find useful. But that is simply my preference. Everyone is different.

On the other hand, some folks have given your company a bad name. They say you cater to the western tourist mentality. While some of your designs may do that, it is up to the buyer to decide what appeals to him.

There are thousands of knife makers in the world today; and most of the designs being produced seem to be expensive works of art that are not suitable for everyday use or else they are worthless junk. I have knives from all parts of the world. Some are expensive and some are not. But each knife is something that is well designed and useful and well-made regardless of how much it cost.

Every knife I’ve gotten from you is a treasure; and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate them.