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Jim Lane Springfield, United States

Jim Lane - Left these sweet words in our Facebook Reviews section
October 16, 2017 
Hello KHHI, I just wanted to say thank you for your amazing customer service and quality! I ordered 2 blades from your website while you were celebrating DASHAMI, and on the first Monday that your shop was open (October 9) you confirmed my order and told me that the knives should be in the mail in a week, which was great. However your amazing Kamis got my orders done sooner and I received a package here in Springfield, MO from Nepal on October 13th!!!! Unbelievably fast and very well packaged too. I have forged and sold my own blades in the past, also I have owned Khukuri from several other companies.

Right now I own 10 varying from 16"- 18.5" long and 19-34oz. I use them to split seasoned Oak for the fire place in winter time and building shelters while camping. They are my favorite style of blade because of their practicality. The small EDC blade I gave to my son and he absolutly loves it, the kydex sheath needed a small tweak with a heat gun but now it locks in tight and is easily carried. It is a very, very handy design and now i wish that I had ordered two.

The Barun Tri Angkola pictures on the site really intrigued me, the beautiful chirra and extra wide edge combined with a 13.5" blade and only 21.8 oz....and still a full 3/8" thick spine! I felt like it had to be an amazing chopper, when it slid out of the package it was more that I had hoped for. Fit and finish were fantastic, very sharp edge and the balance just begged to be used....so I went to an Osage Orange grove and started cutting :) Not long ago a piece of seasoned Osage bent up the edge of one of my Khukuri from another (well respected) Nepali company. I understood because this is extremely hard, dense stuff. I took the Barun Tri to the same limb and started chopping, it bit so very deep into the hardwood! After a dozen hard snap cuts the limb was chopped and all my edge had to show was a single, very tiny (as in I had to shine a light on it to see) bend maybe 1/8" long.

Thank you KHHI for this Khukuri, it sings in the hand and I am grateful to own it. You have a customer for life and I will share my review!

Carlo Mensink Netherlands

Hello goodevening!
The kukri's arrived today and specialy the barrun's are awsome!!!! Realy nice. But the afgan special from Facebook was not With the dilivery...  Why??  And is it still coming?? 

Carlo Mensink, Netherlands
Sale ID / Warranty #: QL6490 P2

Bob Fiegel

Oh, my.  I am embarrassed.  I include the messages below only to remind you of all you did to hold and reschedule delivery of my order around our November trip.  I received a message advertising a new offering today and immediately realized I had not thanked you after the knives arrived.

The knives arrived two days after we got back from our trip, so your timing was perfect.  We were unpacked and all was put away, so the arrival of the order was a whole new beginning.

Your craftsmen continue to create absolutely stunning knives.

The Bowie is a monster, yet at the same time a beautiful piece of work.  It was originally designed as a serious fighting knife with other utility use secondary and little thought, I believe, to beauty.  Nevertheless, created by the proper hands it is a true pleasure to look at and those to whom I have shown it are usually speechless for a moment, followed by “Wow!”

The two Khukuris are of course your usual standard of functional soul in a body of art.  The Immortal leaves me speechless when I show it to someone!  All I can say is, “Just look at this!”

I hope your craftsmen receive the feedback your customers send – it must be recognized – skill and talent in such things are far beyond me, but I am very happy to possess the results of their work.

Some health issues have delayed my preparation of proper display of all, but I have the materials and the plans, so all that remains is my part of the work.  ?   Oak frames, burgundy red velvet cloth background, and magnetic attachment of each knife so no clips or supports are visible.  That way, the knives may be easily removed and handled.  (Two 35-pound magnets will be used for the Bowie!)  The scabbards are of course to be displayed in the same frame as their knives – a small piece of metal inside the scabbard allows magnetic attachment there, too.

And, a very late thank you to you for working with me to make sure things flowed smoothly.  It is very much appreciated.

Bob Fiegel
Robert Fiegel

Sale ID / Warranty #: QL6480 P1

Jill Muller and Kev Taylor UK

Good morning Roshan,
I write with reference to the above noted order and confirm that I received the delivery yesterday after having several conversations with Customs and DHL with regards the contents.

With regards the kukri’s that we received, we are extremely pleased with each of the kukri’s and cannot fault the quality and workmanship, even the letter opener is beautifully made. Thank you again also for the pocket knife.

Please pass our compliments and best wishes to your team and craftsmen and look forward to visiting your website again soon.

Kindest regards,
Jill Muller and Kev Taylor, UK
ORDER 19457

Roel Vinckens Belgium

Hello Saroj,
Hello all of you at KHHI. Both blades arrived today.

Firstly, let me get rid of two minor issues:
The MUK didn't come with the scabbard that is pictured on your site.The loop to attach the knife safely, even in an upside down position, is missing. This might become a problem in my line of work. And the engraving on the Gladiator is placed on the inside of the blade instead of the outside. Maybe I'm to blame if my communication wasn't clear enough. 

These things out of the way I must say that I am impressed with the quality of the blades! The Gladiator is a real work of art! And it arrived scary-sharp... I can't wait to put it to use! Please pass my sincere congratulations to Tilak. I hope to see this master at work one day.
Many thanks also to young Kiran. The MUK is very well done! It could have arrived at bit sharper, but that gives me a good reason to start fine tuning my convex sharpening techniques...

Both blades will be used at work, on survival and around the house. They will be seen, and surely admired, by military, alpinists, outdoor lovers and passerby's. The interested will be informed about KHHI with nothing but prase, not only upon the blades, but also prase upon your communication and customer care. I for my part will be a lifelong customer at KHHI!

I will leave it at that for the moment. 
I'll be back in a not so distant future for one of your Chukuri styled knives. Or maybe I'll do some of my own designing.

Until then all the best to all of you,
Roel Vinckens, Belgium


Good morning dear Mr. Saroj,

Thank you very much for these knives which your company made me. I am very satisfied with rigorous quality. They are marvelous and even my wife likes them. I was very very anxious, like a little children who are waiting for the new gift. The result is excellent. The main purpose will be displaying them in the shelf. Could you greet your colleagues who made them? They are very skilled craftsmen so I have to honestly thank them. To declare lower price is smart of you, so I didn´t have to pay tax from this order. Shipping was very fast. Wrapping of this goods was very well did so the goods came me without any damage. Because of the communication with you and because of very good quality of your goods and all service of your company I will do the next order in a few days. Could you tell me which of your kukri knife is favorite for you? Thank you.

Have a nice day, your very satisfied customer

Mike Scott QL, Australia

Hi Shilpa, For your testimonial page.
I recently purchased  three knives from Khukuri House (KHHI) the craftsmanship is out standing the balance and the feel of these knives in my hand feels  so natural i have hardly been ale to put them down.
As well as the quality/ authenticity of these knives i was impressed by the amount of information provided about the craftsman, ethics and morality to which this company adheres i will be back in the future.

kind regards
mike Scott
QL, Australia

Mike King United Kingdom

My Dear Saroj,


My Khukuri knives have at last arrived and I am astounded by the skill by which they are made by your Kamis and the beauty of KHHI kHUKURI KNIVES
I have examined them and they are practically faultless.  Everything about them is professional even the fit into the scabbards are perfect, which is sometimes a complaint with people on the forums. The large one you made for my friend’s birthday is absolutely wonderful and I love the color horn!!!
Everything is finished off to a good standard. Keep that standard going with your Kamis and you will gain the best reputation. Please thank all your Kamis from me to them, they do a great job. And also thank you Saroj for being patient with me with the orders.
Saroj, I would have no problem Taking these Khukuries round with me to demonstrate KHHI products if and when it comes off, which I hope it will!

I have just had news that I will probably be going over to Rwanda in Africa to train their Fire Service again in January, but I won’t be there for long and will be on hand to be of service to yourself and the good name of KHHI. Just KEEP IN CONTACT WITH ME.
All the best wishes to you and your family and also your staff at KHHI.
Kind regards.

Mike King
United Kingdom

Mike King, UK Sunderland , UK

Fullname: Mike King
City: sunderland
Country: UK
Email: mikeking.1957@yahoo.co.uk
Subject: testimonial

Comments or Queries: I would just like to write a testimonial in support of the excellent service and the quality of the products I received recently from KHHI. It is quite rare these days to receive personal service to the standard you get when dealing with KHHI , but Mr Saroj Lama himself kept in contact with me on a regular basis and was very helpful and obliging every step of the way from the customizing of my khukuris right through to the delivery stage . The quality of these khukuris is practically faultless, and I send my sincere thanks to the hard working Kamis who made it possible. I will also mention the Administration staff who work away in the background to make the whole transaction run smoothly. My recommendation is, if you are! Looking for a genuine and original Nepalese Khukuri that is a hand built quality product, combined with a quick and efficient service, then look no further than Khukuri House Handicraft Industry. 

Well done. 
Mike King


Jonas Hjerpe Göteborg, Sweden


I just received the much awaited hand made khukuri from you! It is truly awesome. I just love that is handcrafted and the knife is really a beautiful and strong workhorse. I could not resist but I went into the woods the very same night that I received the parcel from you. It is truly powerful; so well designed and crafted.

I appreciated making business with you guys! Please do give my best regards to the skilled craftsman and continue honoring the khukuri, ghurkas and the Nepalese people the way that you so beautifully do already. 

Warm and very appreciating regards from Göteborg, Sweden!

All the best, Jonas from Sweden

Jonas Hjerpe, Ph.D.
Business Transformation Leader & 
Strategic Development Partner