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KHHI nepal in the UK (Best handmade kukris @ best prices)
Happy and safe Nepali kukri knives shopping to all our UK buyers!! NO TAX hassle, cheaper prices (price includes shipping), fast shipping and the BEST part is >> Delivery within 7* days or get your money back. All these below knives are already out there in “ready-to-ship” mode in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, UK. In just 7 days max it will be in your hand so hurry up. Limited Stock!!

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  • Post sales like engraving, logo imprint custom finishing and minor/major changes are not possible

MK Patriotic (General Service Khukuri)

Blade Size (in): 12

Weight (gm): 525

(6 Review)

USD 129.99

Blade Size (in): 15

Weight (gm): 750

(2 Review)

USD 119.99

Blade Size (in): 13

Weight (gm): 800

(1 Review)

USD 129.99

Blade Size (in): 10

Weight (gm): 575

USD 77.99

Blade Size (in): 13

Weight (gm): 725

USD 114.99

BhojPure Dragon Kukri

Blade Size (in): 10.5

Weight (gm): 575

(1 Review)

USD 69.99