Traditional_Parowal (Rat Tail / Stick tang Handle)

Parowal or rat tail tang, also known as the stick tang is the original type of handle used when kukri was first made or documented. The tang goes all the way thru the handle and locked at the end by metallic pommel.  Khukris in this category include traditional kukris like Bhojpure and Chinautee that are very famous and well desired by local Nepalese. Traditional Parowal kukris are mainly for regular usage within and beyond domestic parameters.  Its favorite of farmers, woodmen and villagers.

Raw 3 Chirra Kukri (OLD SCHOOL)

Blade Size (in): 13

Weight (gm): 725

USD 84.99

Gurkha Jungle (Gurkha Contingent, SPF)

Blade Size (in): 11

Weight (gm): 500

USD 52.99

8" Raw Angkhola (Cowboy)

Blade Size (in): 8

Weight (gm): 425

USD 47.99

BhojPure (Nepali)

Blade Size (in): 10

Weight (gm): 575

USD 54.99

Chinautee (Remote Village)

Blade Size (in): 12

Weight (gm): 700

USD 59.49 69.99

Mini Jungle

Blade Size (in): 8

Weight (gm): 325

USD 37.99

Mini Raw UNP (Trekker's)

Blade Size (in): 8

Weight (gm): 375

USD 39.99