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Guard-Wal (EAGLE handle)

These are specific type of kukris/knives that has special type of handle called the 'EAGLE'. First designed by the founder and MD of Khukuri House, KHHI Nepal. It was well accepted by the market at its very early stage and became hit instantly. They were soon being copied by every Khukuri vendors and sold widely naming them as 'Eagle handle Kukri'. There is a vertical guard on top of the handle and iron plate pommel fitted to the handle which looks like the head of an eagle and hence the name 'EAGLE handle'. This type of handle is very strong and safe as the guard stops the hand slipping towards the sharp edge even in wet condition. These are the collection of modern kukris that has the combination of typical kukri blade with modern eagle handle.

KHHI Max (Xtreme)

Blade Size (in): 11

Weight (gm): 815

(3 Review)

USD 120.00

Chukuri Plus (Redefined)

Blade Size (in): 10.5

Weight (gm): 655

USD 110.00

American Eagle (Freedom)

Blade Size (in): 10

Weight (gm): 650

(3 Review)

USD 100.00

15inch Victor (Seek n Destroy)

Blade Size (in): 15

Weight (gm): 1050

USD 145.00