KHHI goes beyond its main product and comes up with some great utility straight knives. This is the collection of straight knives having drop point, clip point, tanto etc that are small, compact, handy and useful. All knives have full flat tang riveted handle hence very durable. People who are not comfortable with Khukuri as outdoor knife can have these as their main tool.

13HD Machete (KHHI Parang)

Blade Size (in): 13

Weight (gm): 1100

USD 64.99

KHHI Bowie (with PWR HMR)

Blade Size (in): 11

Weight (gm): 925

USD 149.99

4" MUK (Mini Utility Knife)

Blade Size (in): 4

Weight (gm): 235

USD 47.99

Chuppi (Assault)

Blade Size (in): 5

Weight (gm): 250

USD 44.99

Churi (The Knife)

Blade Size (in): 5

Weight (gm): 275

USD 39.13 44.99

McKnife (McCurdy Special)

Blade Size (in): 5

Weight (gm): 300

USD 74.99

Survival Knife (LIVE)

Blade Size (in): 6

Weight (gm): 250

USD 44.99

3" BladeWear (Body Part)

Blade Size (in): 3

Weight (gm): 130

USD 29.99