Discount Zone

Khukuri House (KHHI nepal) DISCOUNT ZONE offers Gurkha kukri knife for SALE. We offer genuine/original Nepalese khukuri knives at best price. These are high quality knives put in SALE due to over stock. A flat 15% OFF is provided on regular prices. We make/supply guaranteed kukri knife for sale and comes with our exclusive Lifetime Warranty. This is a great opportunity to buy the same Khukris of regular price at sale/discount price. The best kukri knife for sale is offered by Kukri House Nepal, KHHI. These are knife for the best value and quality without a doubt.  Limited stock/sale till stock lasts..


Jungle (Training Knife)

Blade Size: 10.5

Weight: 570

USD 45.00 52.99

Mini Raw UNP (Trekker's)

Blade Size: 8

Weight: 375

USD 33.99 39.99

Chitlange the Savior

Blade Size: 15

Weight: 850

USD 105.00 124.99

12" Survival kukri (Alive)

Blade Size: 12

Weight: 800

USD 80.75 94.99