Modern_SMALL (3-8 inch bladed)

Small modern innovative kukri and knives ranging from 3-8 inches with improvised blade and handle falls under this group. Like its modern counterparts (knives) the shape and handle are made with added features for better usage and performance. These knives are variant of the traditional ones designated aid the user in the best way possible. Very handy knives for your outdoor ventures …

ParaCord Khukuri (@ BUDGET- the Real Deal)

Blade Size (in): 8

Weight (gm): 500

USD 34.99

KHHI Mini (Prince)

Blade Size (in): 8

Weight (gm): 500

USD 69.99

7inch MultiCraft (Jungle man)

Blade Size (in): 7

Weight (gm): 625

(1 Review)

USD 79.99

6 inch Jungle PLUS (Heavy-Duty)
6 inch Jungle PLUS (Heavy-Duty)

Blade Size (in): 6

Weight (gm): 335

USD 59.99

ParaCord PRO (Water-Proof KUKRI)

Blade Size (in): 8

Weight (gm): 600

USD 67.99