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Panawal Dotted (Supreme)

Panawal Dotted (Supreme)

A heavy-duty version forged to endure, to last the harshest treatment; the mother (source) of all Panawal versions..

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Default Specification

  • Blade Size (in): 10
  • Handle Size (in): 5.5
  • Handle Material: Rosewood
  • Actual Weight (gm): 675
  • Overall weight (gm): 950
  • Shipping weight (gm): 1250
  • Blade finishing: Polished
  • Blade sharpness: Standard (very sharp)
  • Blade material: 5160
  • Place of Origin: Dharan, Eastern Nepal
  • Accompanying knives/B-up: Karda Chakmak
  • Blade thickness (mm): 10
  • Handle finishing: Polished
  • Sheath: Water buffalo leather
  • Tang type: Full Flat
  • Fixture: Iron
  • Edge grinding: Semi convex
  • Edge Hardness: 55-57 hrc
  • Blade (panel) Grinding: Chirra
  • Function: Heavy Duty, Indoor, Domestic use, Jungle warfare, Regular Work, Hunting
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Panawal Dotted (Supreme) Khukuri = Semi Chirra Blade + Full Flat Tang Riveted Handle. Farmer’s first choice kukri.

 “Panawal Dotted” was the first PANAWAL kukri done by Khukuri House in 1989-90. It is actually the source of all sorts of Panawal kukri knives found these days.


the term "Panawal" explained...  see photos carefully 
Panawal in strict khukuri term means full-flat tang (riveted) handle. The khukuri blade comes with a one-piece full flat tang in which two handle scales are secured by glue (epoxy) and then riveted to strengthen the whole fixture. “Dotted” used for the name of the khukuri refers to the points or “Khil” in Nepalese made by rivets in the handle. Here a unique distinct handle is crafted where the end of the blade (tang) in the handle section is flat, not narrow and pointed as in other knives. The tang thoroughly follows the shape of the handle and is also visible on both sides of the handle. It is further secured by steel cap and bolster from the two ends of the handle. The Panawal handle is especially designed for heavy stressful work; to endure and to last the harshest treatment. “Panawal Dotted” is the mother (source) of all various Panawal versions crafted by KHHI nepal and many other local companies.

the BLADE...
Panawal Dotted khukuri has a different and special blade forged to withstand the rough and tough treatment. A semi-fuller layer or hump that runs across the main (above) panel of the blade is forged to give more strength and durability to the width of the blade while in use and also to cut down unnecessary weight of the blade. The curvature gives support to the flat surface by evenly distributing the impact force generated when striking against a target. It is also a display of true craftsmanship as it is very hard to craft. Since a Panawal Dotted is a heavy version the cut down in the weight makes the khukuri easier to use. The knife's balance is such that though heavier it is easier to work with. The thick full tang handle also gives good counter balance to the blade.

[IMP note on Sheath: the steel chape/tip is discarded and instead a lanyard loop is fitted in the tip. A string/cord can go through it to tie the sheath around thigh. This minimizes the wobbling even in full motion. This makes the knife more useful]


Reviving the Panawal handle: has an interesting story behind it.

Although the Panawal khukuri (with "Full Tang handle") was brought into practice in history long ago and this sort was particularly used in the 2nd world war days by Gurkhas, this 'handle' was on the verge of extinction in the later years after mid 20th century. It is only after the establishment of Khukuri House (KH) now KHHI in 1991 TB BK, realized the importance of a hardcore working kukri and started the production of “Panawal” version for the very reason in large scale. It was therefore only from 1993 khukuri's with Panawal Handles came back into limelight and stormed the khukuri market instantly. Soon it was so much in demand that people started making “Panawal” khukuri in various shapes, sizes and started adopting different styles and names using the same “Panawal-Handle” system.



Size of blade: 10 inch approx.
Materials: Water buffalo leather scabbard, twin riveted full flat tang rosewood handle, 2 x small knives 
Origin: Dharan, Eastern Nepal


See the 'Panawal Dotted (Supreme)' Khukuri In action >> Intro & field test 

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Bad Ass

I have received my pair of panawal dotted supreme I must say the craftsmanship blows my mine made from 5160 leaf spring steel.The man who made mine is (Mangaldhan Biswakarma) he’s a great craftsman and thanks two the rest of the people who works there

Date: 8th May, 2023

George Herr New Port Richey, Florida

Heirloom quality

I ordered this dotted panawal in a 12" blade instead of the default 10", and went with the Rosewood handle. This purchase was something of a Birthday gift to myself. Before placing this order, I was almost ready to buy a mass produced kukri. Then I thought about it, and thought about my intention for the blade. I wanted something that I could count on for the rest of my life, so the more i thought about it, the more it became clear that I wanted the product of a craftsman. I am so glad I opted for a hand crafted blade from KHHI instead!

I received the blade almost a month after ordering. It was wrapped up well and HEAVILY oiled. Immediately, I found the knife to be absolutely gorgeous. I mean this thing is good, I couldn't find an issue with it if I tried. The edge is flawless and perfectly sharp right out of the package, and I find myself pulling it out of the sheath just to admire it quite often. I have no complaints whatsoever about the blade, and feel grateful to own it. I did file down the center ring in the handle just a little bit, which made it feel perfect in my hand. The Karda that came with the set was not very sharp, so I took it upon myself to practice my sharpening skills with it, and I got it slicing through paper with ease in no time. The sheath initially felt a little awkward to slide the knife into, but after a few times of drawing and sheathing it, the blade slides in with ease and fits perfectly with no rattle or movement at all. I think it will hold up fine for a long time, but I think the Kydex sheath option would have been a good upgrade. It would have put me way over budget so I didn't opt for it this time. One regret I have is not paying a little extra for the micarta handle material. The Rosewood is beautiful and perfect as far as I'm concerned, but I know it could crack some time down the line.

This was an introductory purchase with KHHI, and I am very pleased. I'm already planning my next KHHI purchase, which will be a smaller, "raw" blade for every day carrying. Definitely choosing some options on that one. You've got a customer for life! Please give my regards to Mangaldhan, and anyone else who worked on my blade. Terrific job! If you are reading this and unsure whether or not to try out a blade from KHHI, I say do yourself a favor and get it. There are so many good reviews on these knives because they inspire praise.

Date: 24th April, 2023

Christopher S MN, USA

Much better than I hoped for!

Many years ago my stepfather had passed away, and he was a huge knife collector. When he died he had left me his entire knife collection, but the one knife that was missing that he owned was his khukuri, which I had always admired. I decided it was time for me to get another one to honor his memory and complete his collection again. I had done a ton of research, and discovered khukuri house International in a blade forum so I continued my research to only find more positive feedback. So after hours or trying to decide what to get, I went and got the Panawal Dotted (Supreme). I wanted a knife with a full flat handle and that is not as common to find with traditional khukuri's. I loved how well thought out the design was made and decided that this was the one for me. The package was shipped on time and was delivered via DHL super fast (two days before expected delivery). Upon opening the box, i was pleasantly surprised to see the bright mirror polish on the blade (The photos made it look more satin so I was not expecting such a beautiful shine!). The build quality is top notch and every small detail from the makers engraving to the carvings in the decorative tip for the sheath make this a real show piece. I am so happy that I took my time to find KHHI and to get the knife that I had chosen. I will be purchasing more knives in the future and will be a loyal customer from now on! Keep up the great work, its no mystery why KHHI is spoken about in such high regard!

Date: 21st April, 2023

Ryan Dribz

Beautiful and Amazing craftsmanship

I received a Panawal spotted kukri with traditional sheath and I can honestly say I was not expecting its blade to be so beautiful! I absolutely love this blade and it came shaving sharp out of the box, and packaged so well that there was no chance of it getting damaged.

Date: 28th February, 2023

John Hickey Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey

Great Quality Knife

This knife arrived a few days earlier than expected and I was very impressed by everything I saw. I've been wanting to pick up a solid Khukuri for a while now and this is definitely it. I went for the micarta handle scales for the extra durability and I wasn't sure how the change in humidity would affect the rosewood overtime. I also picked up the Kydex sheath to go with it, the Khukuri fits in the sheath perfect with no wiggle and is still easy to draw out and get back in. The leather sheath has an awesome fit and finish to it as well and the karda and chakmak are pretty nice too, they also have micarta handles. I'm really looking forward to using this knife around camp and for survival purposes if needed. Rakchhu Dev Biswakarma did an outstanding job when he made my Khukuri and I rally appreciate the time and effort he put into it. I'm definitely going to be a return customer in the near future, Thank you and Namaste KHHI nepal!

Date: 12th December, 2022

Ken Ryer Denver, Colorado

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