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(Before writing anything it is important to know that “KHUKURI HOUSE” or better know as “KH” has been renamed as “KHUKURI HOUSE HANDICRAFT INDUSTRY” or “KHHI” so as to recognize its growth and the establishment of a new industry in the main Industrial Estate of Kathmandu, Nepal)

In this already over crowded and gratuitously competed khukuri business where majority of people sell fake and imitation, KHUKURI HOUSE HANDICRAFT INDUSTRY or better known as KHHI stands out and reigns because of the simple and sincere fact that KHHI is GENUINE. It is also the world’s first and largest manufacturer and retailer of original khukuris since 1989 and embraces a strong reputation as being the official supplier and maker for the British Gurkhas. Similarly its strict adherence to superior quality, total professionalism, 100% originality and fair prices have always differentiated KHHI from the rest. Furthermore its priceless dedication and contribution in saving the state of Khukuri which was in the verge of extinction and promoting it to the international level have intensely defined KHHI. Lastly and most importantly KHHI’s remarkable commitment and motivation in uplifting the standard and status of Kamis and their unique craftsmanship that was in dire striates have set KHHI in the history book in its own right.

Today the khukuri business has substantially grown and so has the reputation and standard of the khukuri. Along with the grooming business status of Kamis has considerably improved and their outstanding skill is being recognized. It has also paved ways for enormous opportunities, possibilities and given platform to exploring further avenues. Similarly huge production, maximum involvement of people and their desire in doing business, and realization of the market credibility have created numerous job opportunities increasing the living standard of people as a whole. We at KHHI take pleasure witnessing the development that has been happening for years and credit itself with pride for the crucial role it played as we believe that this would not have happened if KHHI was not established and did not show the dedication and determination.

We at KHHI give priority to originality and self innovation and creativity. We have always created and maintain our originality since the beginning of the establishment of Khukuri House in 1991. Our literature, appearance, style, decoration, online presentation, ideas and concept, planning and development etc have always been KHHI's own creativity and concepts. Khukuri House Handicraft Industry is always exploring new avenues to give better services and better quality khukuris to its customers; introducing fresh perceptions to facilitate and entertain online visitors with series of offers, services and benefits.

We take extreme pleasure and satisfaction to proclaim that KHHI always planned, created, initiated and executed its very own originality. We believe in ourselves, our principle, our objectives, our determination and our class.

Becoming a pioneer and leader is good because people follow your foot steps but when the duplication and imitation starts, the market is crippled. Many individuals and companies have copied us and even pretended to be us and we strictly condemn such acts. We as Khukuri House (KH) and now more so as Khukuri House Handicraft Industry (KHHI) is ORIGINAL and a LEADER; this is the reason why it is the best and invincible. We urge all online buyers and visitors to be aware and extra cautious when buying online as buying fake or imitation is an unfortunate to both parties.
Khukuri House Handicraft Industry's history is purely coincidental, fortunate and also destined, and now with renaming referring “the growth”, KHHI is more superior.

(It is important to note that prior to establishment of KHHI the name and reputation of khukuri was in danger of extinction because of very low production, cheap quality, ignorance, lack of awareness and knowledge of its market credibility and significance.)

Ex-10GR Mr. Til Bahadur Bishwakarma after retirement from Gurkha Army joined GRU (Gurkha Reserve Unit, Brunei) where he continued to serve as an armor specialist for almost 10 years. In his years of service he was disappointed and embarrassed with the quality of khukuri that was supplied to recruits by local contractors from Nepal. Both officials and receivers were not at all satisfied therefore they wanted Mr. TB BK to supply them with better khukuris after finishing his terms in Brunei as they knew he had the ability and moreover he belonged to the craftsman root. Now, armed with support from officials and determination to save the name of the khukuri and the craftsmanship itself Mr. B.K devoted himself into setting up a genuine khukuri manufacturing workshop. In the process he was looking for a like minded partner who could take the responsibilities of handling administrative part so that he could concentrate in making quality khukuris as everything had to be started from scratch.

On the other side of KHHI history, Ex - 10GR Mr Lalit Kumar Lama after retirement from Gurkha Army had been doing some local business as a contractor for BGTC (British Gurkhas Transit Camp). Mr Lama in this period was asked to supply some khukuris to them which he managed through some local blacksmith in Kathmandu but both parties had to content themselves with the inferior quality khukuris as there were hardly any productions. With the annual Khukuri tender of 1989 approaching near, Mr Lama was seeking for somebody who could supply him with high quality and large number of khukuris and on the other hand Mr. TB BK was looking for somebody who could look after the paper works and distribution activities. They discovered each other in British Gurkhas Nepal (BGN), KTM and realizing each others need both united as partners to fulfill their objectives to produce and promote quality khukuris and save the endangered national knife of the country.

Both successfully executed their designated jobs for BGTC and people started recognizing and respecting their work but it was not until early 1991 when both realized the importance of establishing a company and a showroom so that khukuris can also be brought and promoted to the local market and to test the international avenues. Thus Khukuri House was formed in March of 1991 and encrypted itself in the history as the first genuine khukuri company in Nepal. The house was officially registered and each of them took their own responsibilities to the best possible outcome.

We would like to mention that during this time khukuri was hardly available for sale, even if it was then quality was not up to the standard as of today. Worse, khukuri was in such a phase that people did not recognize and realize its value and the charismatic history and pride it carried of the country. We at KHHI relish in saying that we played a considerable role in saving khukuri from becoming extinct and making aware to the people of its national pride and glory. It would be fair enough to credit KHHI for what khukuri and kamis are today.

Recent modification in KHHI

Lastly after the great success and remarkable achievement, more than 18 years of outstanding business and proficiently conquering numerous hurdles now Khukuri House has been handed over to the younger generation of the founders. Though Ex -10GRs Mr. Lalit Lama and TB BK continue to retain their posts; primarily work, management and responsibilities have been handed over to their sons. The founders only supervise, support and assist the ongoing business and are more active in public relation activities at present.

The youngest son of Mr. TB BK has taken up the production department in the eastern part whereas the two sons of Mr. Lama have been handed over the management and trading of Khukuris. The elder son Mr Sanjay Lama runs his own Khukuri House Thamel (KHT) situated in Thamel, Kathmandu. And the youngest son, Mr. Saroj Lama Tamang after successfully running “Khukuri House” or KH in Ekantakuna, Patan and his four online e-commerce sites for over 4 years not only achieved great feat but now has further taken his business into new soaring stature with the establishment of “Khukuri House Handicraft Industry” (KHHI) in the heart of the Industrial Estate of Patan, Kathmandu where all minor and major production establishments of Nepal come together. In the process he has renamed KH as KHHI to recognize the grand upgrading of KH. Mr Saroj Lama is the sole proprietor of KHHI and manages this industry separately with his self-made technical and production team. KHHI now has five sites to its name thekhukurihouse.com; khukurihouseonline.com; gurkhas-kukris.com, khukrimuseum.com and namastecarpet.com respectively which are explicitly under the ownership of KHHI and runs under the management and direction of Mr. Saroj Lama Tamang.

Khukuri House Handicraft Industry would like to bring to the notice that Mr. Saroj Lama runs KHUKURI HOUSE HANDICRAFT INDUSTRY separately with its own organizational objectives and goals. Therefore, with pride KHHI now located in Patan Industrial Estate conveys that all write –ups and photos in this site and the sites mentioned above are owned and run by KHHI only. KHHI under Mr Lama’s leadership and determination have been established to meet the ever increasing demands of customers, to provide and reinforce better quality, to further promoting khukuris and to uplift the living standard of Kamis more than ever. Carrying dreams and aspirations from his father and uncle Mr. TB BK, Mr. Saroj Lama Tamang aspires to take KHHI, the name of Nepalese Khukuris and the craftsmanship of Kamis to the highest possible arena in the world. Mr. Lama has already been praised for his professional business approaches, his outstanding approach on khukuris, enforcing better quality, amazing new varieties, his presentation skill on his online sites and his remarkable non academic research on history of Gurkhas and khukuris.

Recent modification in KHHI

KHUKURI HOUSE HANDICRAFT INDUSTRY is actually renaming of KH done to recognize its improvement and growth. KHHI is registered under Industry Business Act 2049, section 3 (ka) and under the same Act, Article 4 and 5 in Section 10, KHHI is registered as Small Cottage Industry of Nepalese Government having its registration number as 6026/299/064/065. KHHI was registered under the above Acts on the 24th February 2008. Furthermore, KHHI is also a member of Federation of Handicraft Association of Nepal and has been active since April 28, 2008. The company is given official industry number and stands as "Industry No. 101" amongst other 120 plus production industries.

KHHI Trademark

KHHI has always been well known for its superior quality products and services. Of late, we have come to know that many companies and competitors are misusing our image by claiming their products as/of ours and thus in the process misleading the general public. Therefore in order to tackle this critical issue we have started stamping all our products (each and every blade) with our official trademark (logo) as shown below to distinguish ours from others. ONLY the Khukuris and Knives with our official trademark (see below) are the property of KHHI (made by KHHI) and is/are the only ones we hold responsible of and obliged to. Therefore please be very careful prior to buying and while selecting. After all we want people to get the real blades from the real house.


KHHI has come a long way since its inception in 1991, expanding its horizon in its line of business and continuing commitment, to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of its workforce and their families. Furthermore, KHHI looks deeper into its social responsibilities and takes one step further to enhance the quality of life of its local community and society at large. We have come to an age where philanthropy is an inevitable part of business, but we at KHHI believe in touching lives of others with care and compassion more so we take our corporate social responsibility heartily and relentlessly aim towards helping and developing our fellow citizens and thus the whole country. For details “Click here

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