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Parshuram SPL (Classic)


For those people who love the traditional and iconic design over the modern ones and for those who seek for effective, high mobility and a persistent khukuri knife..

Another outstanding khukri by another outstanding Kami (master craftsman) of KHHI forged to fill up the vacuum of Traditional and Classic version from the history, that is built very light but with heavy re-curved and broad blade projected to deliver a very good balance, feel and cutting power. The desire to own an authentic version of the iconic kukri from the past with all its original features and details, that come very striking and unique and is versatile at the same time, ends with the “Parshuram SPL (Classic)” - a master stroke from a master craftsman who has been making khukuri since he was just a kid. Original and Classic “Parshuram SPL” is for those people who love the traditional and iconic design over the modern ones and for those who seek for effective, high mobility and a persistent khukuri knife.


The unique and special feature of this blade is that it is forged very broad at the belly and makes a sharp inward turn at its re-curve making the blade look very elegant, classic and lethal at the same time. The broad width provides excellent weight and feel in the upper section of the blade, making swinging and hacking much easier and more effective even though the overall weight of the kukri is very less. The heavy weight/mass at the front generates a natural swing that aids the knife in successfully executing heavy and stressful works. A beautiful pattern is carved in the upper spine of the blade as part of decoration.


It has a traditional “Parawal” or “Rat Tail Tang” handle but sharply curved. The handle gets more curved as it finishes towards the butt cap made to provide an easier and better grip. The classic shaped wooden handle has thick long tang inside it that is strongly fitted by epoxy and firmly secured at the back by a thick pommel that is peened over. The curved handle provides a perfect balanced feel for the heavy broad blade at the front and thus handling is very easy. Thick (20 gauge) Brass Fixtures (bolster with lip and butt cap) are used to complete the making of the Parshuram SPL’s classic handle.


Unlike as shown in the photos above, due to extreme short supply of special treated leather now the “Parshuram SPL” khukuri comes with a Normal Black leather sheath and the price has been revised accordingly 

The man himself::

Born in 1967 in a remote Far East village in Khotang, Diktel, Nepal, Mr. Parshuram BK studied till class 6 in a local village govt. school but soon had to quit his studies to work to help his father financially in order to support his very big family. The only thing he could possibly do then in such a tender age was to work alongside his father to make khukuri since it came from within (instinct) for him as this was something his decedents have been doing for generations. It was in his blood so to speak. Since then there was no looking back. Now at the age of 47, Mr. BK still continues to make khukuri. In such a long career of his as a khukuri maker and a master craftsman Mr. BK has made number of exceptional khukuris of all type and designs but his specialty is the traditional and classic version. Mr. BK still has the strength (does the beating and hammering himself) and the determination to carry on making high quality kukris for many more years to come. He says he would like to continue the profession until the moment his hands and mind are too old to carry any hammer. It is such an honor to work with such a legend. I, the writer, (Saroj Lama Tamang, MD and founder of KHHI) also find it worthwhile to mention that at one time Mr. Parshuram also made handmade traditional pump guns for various individuals purposed for hunting and self defense until it was too risky and officially banned in his small village.

He is survived by his wife, seven children and four grand children and now temporary lives in Saatdobata, Patan since he joined KHHI in Jan 2014. After this kukri is sold, part of the amount will be bestowed to Mr. Parshuram BK for his outstanding and priceless contribution to enduring and uplifting this amazing, commendable and unique tradition.

Blade size: 13 inches approx. (polished)

Handle size: 4.5 inches approx. (polished)

Blade Thickness: 6-7 mm approx. (triangular) and tapering as it finishes at Tip

Weight: 700 gms approx. (Blade + Handle)

Materials / Features:

Water buffalo leather sheath, Indian Rosewood handle, Brass fixtures, 5160 steel

*** Please be notified that from now onwards ONLY the Khukuris and Knives with our official trademark (for more details Click Here) are the property of KHHI (made by KHHI) and is/are the only ones we hold responsible of and obliged to. ***

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