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18inch Brass Kukri

18inch Brass Kukri


Discontinued due to Quality issues; Please refer to Dragon Carved/etched Khukuris Catagory for purchasing similar models.


This page includes two variations of 18inch Brass Kukri, first with a regular brass Handle; 2nd with dragon itched blade 


Brass Khukuri embraces a unique style of craftsmanship, size, and splendor...

18inch Brass is identical to 18inch Wooden MAAR in shape and size but crafted in a metallic form of handle 'Brass' that is stronger, more distinct, and more attractive makes this kukri a perfect showpiece yet a cutting workhorse and therefore the name. The handle is made from Brass and may be used for sacrificial purposes in ceremonies.

The making process of the Brass handle is laborious and time-consuming. The tang of the khukuri is carefully penetrated into an already-made cylindrical wooden block which is later skillfully wrapped by a brass sheet. It is the very metal used for the handle that contributes to the cost and strength of the kukri. It takes three men one whole day to finish this kukri.

Although 18" Brass Kukri is not brought into practice much it can still be used on someone's preference. The best part of the Brass handle is that unlike the traditional handles (Horn and Wooden) it does not dry up (shrink). The outside temperature and ambient will have very little impact on the handle. As well the metallic surface protects the handle from getting scratches and bruises. All the making and building of the knife is done by hand using only conventional domestic tools.


18inch Brass Dragon Khukuri

Carving Dragon in the blade:: This is so-called because of the dragon carving in the blade. The kukri is beautifully carved with dragons on both sides to show more craftsmanship in the blade; however, the dragon carving does not have any significant meaning. It is just a display of skill of the carver and to make the khukuri a fine work of art as a whole. All carvings are done by hand using only basic tools. It takes about 7-9 hours to dragon carve a blade of this size. This kukri like this is more a decorative piece than a working tool although can be used if needed. 

Makers particularly the 'Newars' of Kathmandu who have ancient ties and involvement in carving and sculpture culture do the 'Dragon' carving in the khukuri blade to display their skill and exhibit their excellent art handed down for generations. The dragon design is simply done to comply with the elongated shape of the kukri blade. The elongated shape of the Dragon follows through the panel of the kukri blade and finishes giving a suiting and soothing look to the blade. 


Significance / Usage of brass khukuri :

This is where the 18inch khukuri chiefly comes into play, where it reveals its true identity, where it demands a kill and respect as a true slaughter-house. It is mostly used during Nepalese main festival, Dashain, during which on the 9th day called 'Maar' domestic animals are sacrificed at home or mostly at temples as an offering to the goddess 'Kali Maata'. The ceremony is performed after going through all the rituals and the beheading must be done in one clean stroke otherwise it is believed to bring ill-fortune.

This brass version of 18" kukri can be used and displayed at the same time.18inch Brass Kukri's brass handle gives a fancier, more prominent, and elegant look to the kukri; a perfect displayer to decor a home yet a solid cutting kukri knife like the Machete that would ruthlessly find its way through.


Size of blade: 18 inch
BLADE Thickness 12 mm approx.
FUNCTION Collection, Decoration, Sacrificial, Show Piece

Materials: Water buffalo leather scabbard, brass handle, 2 x small knives
Origin: Dharan, Eastern Nepal


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