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Gurkha Hat (Pride)

Gurkha Hat (Pride)


Original Gurkhas Hat; the Symbol & Pride of a Gurkha Soldier...

An item of dress that the Gurkhas have made their own for centuries is the “Gurkha Hat”. Like the kukri, the distinctive Gurkha Hat has been the symbol of the Gurkhas since the formation of standard-modern Gurkha Regiments around mid 19th century.

The hat and kukri combination of a Gurkha has always been a figure of a formidable soldier who would die and kill in a single command. The loyalty, courage and reputation of a Gurkha have been unswervingly tied to these two icons that Gurkhas value highly.

Gurkha hats normally sold by KHHI belong to the Royal Gurkha Riffles (RGR) of the modern brigade of Gurkhas; having a turban, the puggaree patch with the regimental cap badge mounted and a chinstrap fitted. In practical, different regimentals’ badges are mounted on the hat to distinguish soldier and officer from each other’s regiment. Soldiers on duty and in parade wear the hat.

The unique and appealing looking hat as seen in the picture would make very worthy collection or gifts or even for practical use for outdoors and safaris.

Size: 55-56 cms 
Materials: Woolen felt, leather chin strap, Gurkha cap badge
Origin: Kathmandu, Nepal


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