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Panjawal (Gripper)

Panjawal (Gripper)


Panjawal khukuri with Gripper in handle 

It is a modern day improved khukuri; many of the late arrivals of KHHI created to better perform and better serve its master. The regular traditional handle is altered into a knuckle-shaped handle (as depicted in the picture) that allows each finger to stay at the curvature firmly and hence the user can hold the blade comfortably and strongly and thus can perform a job more swiftly and safely. This unique and effective feature of the handle of this kukri actually makes it THE knife to work with.

“Panja” in Nepalese means “Palm” and since the handle is targeted to provide a sturdy yet comfortable grip to the palm, the khukuri is named so. It's a standard version with the blade measuring about 10 inch long and the blade is polished for a better look. It is not a military issue but some soldiers prefer to carry it as their training kukri because of its effective size and solid-grip providing handle.

Panjawal (Gripper) is an important and unique kukri designed to deliver perfect grip, ideal balance and better feel would probably be ‘the’ knife to carry in your next trekking or hunting or any outdoor-wild tour. Panjawal, one of the late additions of KHHI designated for those who seek for a real cutting kukri knife.

Size of blade: 10 inch approx.
Materials: water buffalo leather scabbard, water buffalo special palm- grip horn handle, 2 x small knives
Origin: KHHI, KTM, Nepal

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