World War Kukri (Historic)

World War Kukri (Historic)

This old army kukri model was issued to the Gurkhas during World War (WW) years..


USD 54.99

USD 34.8

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Chitlange the Savior

Blade Size (in): 15

Weight (gm): 850

(4 Review)

USD 124.99

The Khotang Village khukuri (BaasCate)

Blade Size (in): 13

Weight (gm): 700 grams

USD 124.99

APF Kukri (Armed Police Force, Nepal)

Blade Size (in): 9

Weight (gm): 485

USD 54.99

SUKX (Supporting Utility Knives)

Blade Size (in): 3

Weight (gm): 100

USD 14.99