Kukri, Khukuri n' Gurkha Knife from KHHI

Kukri Knife from Khukuri House (KHHI), Nepal. These original Gurkha Army knives are handmade, hand forged by our very skilled kamis. All these high quality khukris are inspected by our knife experts and comes with Lifetime Warranty. KHHI's Gurkha Kukri ranging from army-traditional-historice-survival-modern knife are extremely strong, durable and usable. They are the best knives used for working, hunting, cutting, trekking, clearing, hacking, stabbing,combatant. KHHI Nepal is manufacturer-maker and official supplier to British Gurkhas. Buy guranteed kukris from Kukri House at the best price and quality. When it comes to Kukri, Kami & Nepal; KHHI is the best (ultimate). Making Genuine Gurkha Kukri Knife since 1991..

Camouflage Special (Ultimate)

Blade Size (in): 10

Weight (gm): 575

USD 52.99

Balance (Stable)

Blade Size (in): 9

Weight (gm): 400

USD 54.99

Barun Tri Angkhola kukri (Masterx Work)

Blade Size (in): 13

Weight (gm): 625

USD 109.99

The Kukri Machete (All Rounder)

Blade Size (in): 13

Weight (gm): 875

USD 119.99

18" Panawal (NO MERCY)

Blade Size (in): 18

Weight (gm): 1550

USD 139.99

Tree Branch Stand

Blade Size (in):

Weight (gm): 250

USD 12.99

Gurkha VC (Honoring the VCs)

Blade Size (in): 11

Weight (gm): 625

USD 69.99

Battleman (Fight n Field knife)

Blade Size (in): 9

Weight (gm): 775

USD 124.99

Shree 5 Chirra (General)

Blade Size (in): 14

Weight (gm): 1225

USD 164.99

KOTHIMORA White (Peace)

Blade Size (in): 10

Weight (gm): 525

USD 169.99

13" Scourge (Apocalypse)

Blade Size (in): 13

Weight (gm): 885

USD 124.99

5160 Biltong PLUS

Blade Size (in): 5

Weight (gm): 125

USD 44.99