• Handmade Gurkha Kukri Since 1991

    Handmade Gurkha Kukri Since 1991

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The most popular kukris at KHHI. They are rate by most sold , most reviewed and in overall the best Khukuri of Khukuri House Handicraft Industry in Nepal. Check out latest featured kukris. We provide the high quality Khukuri Knife all across the globe.


Blade Size: 3 inches approx.

Weight: 100

USD 14.99

Parshuram SPL (Classic)

Blade Size: 13 inches

Weight: 700

USD 84.99

Nepal Army Ceremonial (Parade Knife)

Blade Size: 9 inches

Weight: 245

USD 56.99

Mukti = Redemption (be FREE set FREE)

Blade Size: 13.5 inches

Weight: 1150

USD 149.99

KHHI Max (Xtreme)

Blade Size: 11 inches

Weight: 850

USD 109.99

18" Wooden Dragon

Blade Size: 18 inches

Weight: 1400

USD 149.99

Brown Bond (X factor)

Blade Size: 11 inch

Weight: 625

USD 59.99

Dhankute Horn (National Symbols)

Blade Size: 9 inches

Weight: 350

USD 89.99


Blade Size: 9 inches

Weight: 600 grams

USD 69.99

Khaki Issue (20th Century)

Blade Size: 12 inches

Weight: 615

USD 74.99

All-by-Hand BhaktaPure (Chakra BK)

Blade Size: 10 inches

Weight: 600

USD 64.99

Shree 5 Chirra (General)

Blade Size: 14 inches

Weight: 1225

USD 164.99



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Watch the Making

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KHHI xclusives

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